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Bush Admin. rushes to issue secret rule on worker health risks

In a last minute action, political operatives at the US Department of Labor are rushing to lock in new requirements that would make it harder for the next administration to develop and issue protective workplace health rules.

Labor Department's secret OSHA rule

For nearly eight years, the Bush administration has failed to protect the health and safety of America's workers. Within weeks of taking office in 2001, President Bush supported and signed legislation repealing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's ergonomics standard.

3 million volunteers, unionists included

Imagine mobilizing one of every 100 Americans, a population equal to that of the entire city of Chicago, and putting them out on the campaign trail. That’s what Barack Obama’s presidential campaign seeks to do. In talks August 5 to the AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting in Chicago, Obama’s top two staffers, strategist David Axelrod and manager David Plouffe, set that as their goal for nationwide mobilization. They now have 1.2 million volunteers.

Council elects three replacement members

The AFL-CIO Executive Council elected three new members on August 5, slightly expanding its female membership while seeing the number of African-Americans decline by one. Named to the council were new American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, Theatrical and Stage Employees President Matthew Loeb, and School Administrators President Jill Levy.

Fed already moving vs. shenanigans at polls

Remember Florida’s hanging chads in 2000? Or the long lines due to the lack of voting machines in Columbus, Ohio in 2004? The nation’s unions do. Led by AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker, they’re already moving to prevent a repeat of such shenanigans--and others--at the polls this year. And if the record of the presidential primaries is any indication, they’ll have their work cut out for them, protecting people’s right to vote.


Michigan labor rejects McCain's energy policy, demands alternatives

To 'greet' the Republican candidate, Monroe Democratic Party County Commissioner Jerry Oley brought an oversized check made out to McCain from 'Exxon and friends' for $2 million dollars noting on the memo line 'Thanks for staying in the tank for oil.'

AFL-CIO goal: filibuster-proof senate majority

The AFL-CIO has set a political goal, second only to helping presumed Democratic nominee Barack Obama win the White House, of achieving a filibuster-proof 60-vote pro-worker majority in this year’s elections.

Protests send strong message to Verizon

More than 300 members of Local 1109 of the CWA/IBEW rallied outside of a Verizon facility in Brooklyn today to send a strong message to Verizon. This is a fight for working families throughout the country against an anti- union company that has created over 13,000 non-union jobs at non-union facilities since 2003

Union leaders confront race-and-politics issue head-on

Facing the fact that many unionists may be reluctant to vote for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for the presidency because he is African-American, union leaders meeting in Chicago decided to confront that issue head-on by repeatedly emphasizing to members to “vote your jobs” and that economics trumps race.

Witnesses warn of turbulence ahead if Delta buys Northwest

Union leaders and a labor economist whose university has spent eight years studying the airline industry are warning of turbulence ahead I Atlanta-based Delta Airlines swallows Minnesota-based Northwest. In the third hearing on the proposed deal before various congressional committees, Machinists Vice President Robert Roach warned the deal could lead to $15 billion in combined pension liabilities being dumped on the federal government.

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