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The high cost of free trade Maytag workers face plant closing

“NAFTA allowed Maytag to commit the premeditated murder of our community,” said Dave Bevard, a 30-year veteran of Maytag’s refrigerator plant in Galesburg, Ill.

Free trade scam:Its bad for workers everywhere

“We’ll be marching with truck drivers and electrical workers, nurses and teachers, health care workers and Teamsters, all kinds of working people,” Fred Frost, president of the South Florida AFL-CIO, told the Miami Herald. click here for Spanish text

Ergonomics: An issue whose time is still coming

The fight for ergonomic protection for workers in Washington state experienced a tragic setback when anti-labor, anti-worker Proposition I–841 passed in this month’s elections.

Solidarity grows for fired roofers

TUCSON – Union and community supporters reacted with anger when they heard of Metric Roofing’s latest attack on workers and their right to organize.

Stop the war on retirees

Workers’ correspondence It struck like a knife to the gut when an old steelworker friend recently contacted me with an amazing story.

Bush administration twists truth on jobs

Treasury Secretary John Snow is boasting about the prospects for the economy, and for job growth in particular. Pro-administration writers credit the Bush tax cuts, and say that a recovering economy will deprive the Democrats of a key campaign issue.

Threatened by free trade Engineers need unions too

Workers’ Correspondence When I started out working as a mechanical engineer a bit over four decades ago, there was a widespread tendency for engineers to regard themselves as a special group above and unrelated to the working class.

Working Families victory in NYC vote

NEW YORK – History was made here on Nov. 4 as Letitia James running on the Working Families Party line, swept the polls in a landslide as the first third-party candidate to be elected to City Council since the 1970s.

Grassroots victories give hope for 2004

News Analysis Despite Republican claims of having locked up the South after winning governors’ races in Mississippi and Kentucky, the 2004 presidential race is far from over.

Pratt & Whitney workers fight to save jobs

Workers’ correspondence International Association of Machinists sisters and brothers at the profitable United Technologies Corporation’s Pratt & Whitney plant in Connecticut are fighting hard for their jobs.

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