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U.S. Supreme Court upholds N.J. Gov. Christie’s worker pension cuts

Now, the future of public workers' pensions in New Jersey may well be up to the Garden State's voters.


Minnesotans lose millions through rampant wage theft

An investigation by Workday Minnesota found wage theft in Minnesota is larger and more widespread than most people realize - and the problem is growing.


“New York is a union town!” Bröd Kitchen workers fight back

Workers and activists flooded the sidewalk surrounding Bröd Kitchen's West Village location in response to its latest slew of retaliatory firings.


Labor movement stepping up its fight against racism

"If we are to succeed, the full range of working peoples' voices must be heard in the internal processes of our movement."


Unions talk tactics on battling impact of Friedrichs court case

"There's a lots of candor and a lot of mutual trust. There's a widespread recognition that we're all in this together."


While violating worker rights, Trump takes Las Vegas

Participants in the Republican caucuses ignored Trump's violation of worker rights and gave him a double-digit victory.


Unions pulling support from pro-TPP Democratic lawmakers

"It's a question of, 'do you have a Democrat who votes like a Republican or a Republican who votes like a Republican."


Taxi drivers of the back 40

At the St. Louis airport, the Back 40 isn't part of a ranch. It's the nickname taxi drivers give to a big parking lot just up the road.


Menards arbitration practices come under NLRB scrutiny

A federal agency has been granted authority to investigate whether the binding arbitration policy that Menards forces on its employees is legal.


Nurses union says for them it’s Sanders all the way

RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of the National Nurses Union, said that for her union, for now at least, it's "Bernie or Bust."

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