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Immigration plan chains workers

The “more compassionate” immigration system for undocumented workers proposed by President George W. Bush on Jan. 7 will grant corporations greater ability to pit U.S. workers against the global work force for domestic jobs, say labor and immigrant rights leaders. It will also help businesses further exploit undocumented workers. click here for Spanish text

Dr. Kings vision inspires all working people

With the exception of Labor Day, there is no more important celebration of the fight for justice for all working people than Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The Grinch cuts off the unemployed

The Bush administration joined the Republican congressional leadership in their annual holiday raspberry for the unemployed. They all went home in December, allowing the Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation (TEUC) program to expire.

Police actions at FTAA talks denounced

MIAMI – In the wake of the violent police actions against peaceful demonstrators who rallied here in mid-November against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), about 350 trade unionists and activists crammed into the United Teachers of Dade headquarters on Dec. 16 to call for the resignation of Miami Police Chief John Timoney and a full investigation of police wrongdoing during the trade talks.

Labors vote key to ousting Bush in 2004

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Fifteen hundred trade unionists filled the Veterans Memorial Auditorium here Dec. 9 to “Take Back Ohio/Labor 2004.” “Politics is power – use it!” was Ohio AFL-CIO President William Burga’s call to action.

Transit workers speak, the union listens

Workers’ Correspondence Transport Workers Union Local 100’s 38,000 members, employees of New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, voted in union elections on Dec. 10. The overall results represent a vote of confidence for the local’s reform leadership.

Southern California Grocery workers defending your health care

News Anaylsis Hindsight is 20-20 vision, so the saying goes. When Ronald Reagan declared war on labor, he began by destroying the PATCO (air traffic controllers) union. Everyone can see that now. All of labor and the progressive movements now know that Reagan’s attack on PATCO began a 20-plus year, government-assisted assault on labor rights.

Battle cry to defeat Bush greets New Year

For the movements on the ground determined to defeat Bush in 2004, the New Year came roaring in like a lion. click here for Spanish text

Message to Congress: Extend jobless benefits

WASHINGTON – The New Year was a time of revelry for the corporate rich as government reports confirmed a surge in profits and productivity in the final quarter of 2003. George W. Bush trumpeted the news as proof that his trillions in tax cuts for the wealthy has pulled the nation out of recession. click here for Spanish text

Dadle duro a Safeway

LOS ANGELES – “Vaciemos las tiendas Safeway y sus cajas de dinero” tomando acción para separarlos de la fuente de su dinero – los consumidores y las comunidades – dijo Doug Dority, presidente del sindicato Trabajadores de Alimentos y Comercio Unidos (UFCW – por sus siglas en inglés), ante una masiva manifestación aquí.

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