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Auto workers vote to accept contract

Tens of thousands of members of the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) voted to accept a new four-year agreement with General Motors and the multinational corporation’s parts division, Delphi. Although the new contract, covering 117,000 active GM auto workers, 30,000 at Delphi, 234,000 retirees and 63,000 surviving spouses, preserves health care and enhanced pensions, it allows for two plant closings.

Bush a skunk say Chicago unionists

CHICAGO – President George Bush came to town Sept. 30 for a $2,000-a-plate lunch at the swanky Sheraton Hotel with Republican fat cats and corporate CEOs to raise millions for his re-election campaign. What he probably didn’t see from his limousine was the greeting he got from hundreds of demonstrators calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq and for his defeat in the 2004 elections.

Lorain workers turn back privatization

LORAIN, Ohio – Over 150 city workers and their supporters packed the City Council chambers here on Sept. 23, demanding that the Republican mayor withdraw his attempt to outsource the city’s tax department.

Labor meeting accents unity, struggle

HARTFORD, Conn. – A fighting spirit filled the hall last week as the Connecticut AFL-CIO convention mapped out plans for the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride, support for striking machinists and university workers, and turnout for the 2004 elections.

Freedom Ride momentum strengthens FTAA fight

Opinion In the early spring, activists across the nation started preparing for the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride that began on Sept. 23 and peaks in New York City on Oct. 4.

A Freedom Riders journal: Solidarity saved us

Kat Rodriguez, coordinating organizer with Derechos Humanos, a human rights organization, joined one of the Los Angeles Freedom Ride buses in Tucson, Ariz. Here she shares excerpts from her on-the-road journal with PWW readers.

California home care workers launch Poor Peoples Campaign

LOS ANGELES – Hundreds of members of Service Employees International Union Local 434 B gathered at Griffith Park Recreation Center on Sept. 13 to launch a Poor People’s Campaign aimed at eradicating poverty in Los Angeles.

A historic message — Justice for immigrants

WASHINGTON – Busloads of Immigrant Workers Freedom Riders brought their agenda into the heart of the nation’s political arena, Oct. 1, demanding Congress enact comprehensive reform of the nation’s immigration laws.

The why of massive migration

The current high level of immigration into the United States is part of a worldwide phenomenon. Almost every industrial country in the world is registering large numbers of people from poorer countries who are arriving without papers every day.

Grassroots mobilizes to defeat recall

LOS ANGELES – Imelda Ramos just became a citizen. She will be casting her first vote on Oct. 7. She told this reporter she will be voting against the recall of Gov. Gray Davis and will hedge her bet with a vote for Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, the leading Democrat in the race.

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