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Miners march on Congress to demand legislation to save pensions

Several big coal companies have also used federal bankruptcy law to escape from funding retirees' pensions through the per-ton tax on coal.


Mine Workers to rally at U.S. Capitol for preserving pensions

Congress must live up to our nation's 70-year promise to retired miners and their widows.


New Jersey public pensions battle goes down to the wire

The pension battle began several years ago when Christie claimed the state not only wouldn't pay its part of the pensions, but couldn't afford to do so.


U.S. Supreme Court upholds N.J. Gov. Christie’s worker pension cuts

Now, the future of public workers' pensions in New Jersey may well be up to the Garden State's voters.


Teamsters and others fight pension battle over multi-employer fund

Teamsters are one of the unions under the knife now, but 200 multi-employer pension funds covering 1.5 million American workers could be in jeopardy for a number of reasons.


NYC union pension systems to invest $150m in affordable city housing

Union labor will build the housing in an economically targeted investment program in all five boroughs.


Verizon continues to demand givebacks from workers

Unions took to the streets to show mass solidarity for their bargaining teams, with rallies all over the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states.


Money bills top labor's agenda as Congress returns to work

It's not just the numbers that are important, it's anti-worker measures the majority Republicans may try to insert into the measures, too.


Teamsters score big win in Southern California

The win is the biggest in the history of Teamsters Joint Council 42, which covers Southern California, Nevada and Hawaii.


Right-wing GOP Illinois Gov. Rauner plans to force state workers to strike

Rauner's tactic is the latest in a nationwide campaign by the right, its business backers and its political puppets to trash workers, cut wages, destroy pensions and kill unions.

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