Labor News


The 1981 Major League Baseball Players strike

 On June 12, 1981, a Major League Baseball strike began, forcing cancellation of 713 games.


Minor league baseball umpires agree on new labor deal

Minor League umpires are ready to play ball after its more than 200 members voted to approve a new labor agreement with Minor League Baseball.


NBA cancels games as lockout continues

NBA postpones training camp and preseason games, putting the season in question.


NFL owners and players agree on new labor deal

After a 4-and-a-half month lockout in the National Football League, players and owners finally agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement.


The nation’s football players: “Let us play!”

Members of the NFL Players Association, are facing the possibility of being out of work if their bosses follow up on threats to lock them out when their contract expires March 4.


NFL lockout threat is about greed, union leaders say

Sparks are flying between National Football League players and their union on one side and NFL owners on the other as the threat of a lockout looms for next year.


Women soccer players score union recognition

 U.S. professional women soccer players scored a goal this week after the Women's Professional Soccer Players Union won recognition through a majority sign-up, certified by an arbitrator with the Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) league.


NBA lockout?

It looks like the NBA is on the verge of another lockout, making it the second time ever in professional basketball history.


Baseball sluggers say: Pass Employee Free Choice

Twelve major league baseball players, including three playing in the World Series, have announced their support for the Employee Free Choice Act.

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