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Machinists union: We built Juno, that Jupiter probe

It's sometimes easy to forget the outstanding achievements union workers produce - until you're reminded of them.


Media’s role in building movements a big topic at CPUSA Convention

"There's an aspect of capitalist development that is introducing problems in areas of education, including reading, and that's forced us into something of a crisis."


Today in labor history: Inventor gives first public demo of FM broadcasting

On this day in 1935, inventor Edwin Armstrong gave the first public demonstration of FM (frequency modulation) radio broadcasting in Alpine, New Jersey.


Today in labor history: First commercial computer installed in U.S.

UNIVAC I, was installed at the U.S. Census Bureau (which paid for much of the development) on June 14, 1951. UNIVAC is an acronym for UNIVersal Automatic Computer.


As ice melts, geoengineering gets a less frosty reception

A leading sea ice expert has predicted the final disappearance of Arctic ice in the summer within four years.


IBEW members to install electric car charging stations

Electrical Workers Local 1 and the St. Louis chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association have launched the first electrical car training program in Missouri.


AFL-CIO revamps website to feature workers more prominently

Calling its old website static and often confusing to navigate, the AFL-CIO, after a year of work, revamped its site.


Heartland workers, activists stand with CWA against Verizon

Why did workers, organizers and just plain folks rally in support of a struggle happening a thousand miles away? For CWA Local 6360 Vice President Todd Appleby, the answer is simple.

Obama defends collective bargaining on Twitter

Obama was using Twitter to go over the heads of the press corps, and to address people who don't read papers or watch TV but rely on social media.


Jokers and facts explain "union advantage" at new website features comic videos, a Real Jokers quiz and  hard facts on why unions are good for working people.

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