Labor News


Nurse details how hospital manipulated election to beat union

"The union lost. The company was able to manipulate the election procedure to delay the election date."


USW reaches tentative deal with oil industry

The Steelworkers have reached a tentative agreement on a new four-year contract with Shell as a pattern agreement for the rest of the industry.


Parade of presidential hopefuls make pitches to fire fighters

A parade of nine presidential hopefuls made their cases before more than 1,000 Fire Fighters.


On anniversary of BP blast, judge speaks out for strikers

The former judge who heard the 4,016 cases in the explosion's aftermath is speaking out for the strikers.


West Virginia workers launch "insurrection" in state capital

Demonstrators protesting the national wave of wage and safety cuts and anti-union assaults, were led by the West Virginia AFL-CIO and joined by national labor leaders.


Senate GOP votes to kill NLRB union elections rule, Obama promises veto

By a 53-46 party-line vote, the GOP-run Senate voted to kill the NLRB's planned union elections rule update.


Corporations using LA election to exert control over schools

The teachers' union, plus parents and community leaders, faced off against a powerful, well-financed challenge.


Wisconsin GOP continues its “right-to-work” steamroller

Republicans aren't slowing down their steamroller despite widespread opposition that continued this week from all quarters in Wisconsin.


The GOP’s blind hate of union members

To Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker, America's labor union members are the same as murderous, beheading, caged-prisoner-immolating ISIS terrorists.


Unionists storm Capitol Hill to lobby lawmakers vs. fast-track

Several hundred unionists fanned out over Capitol Hill on Mar. 4 to lobby lawmakers to vote against so-called "fast-track" trade promotion authority.

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