Labor News


Layoffs continue as newspaper workers continue fight for fair wages, job security

"They've been treating the workforce like something they can just ignore."


Minnesotans lose millions through rampant wage theft

An investigation by Workday Minnesota found wage theft in Minnesota is larger and more widespread than most people realize - and the problem is growing.


Labor leaders say unions will unite behind one candidate in 2016

The federation is holding off on an endorsement at this time while some of its unions work for Clinton and others for Sanders. 


NLRB judge issues split decision in big Walmart case

An NLRB administrative law judge issued a split decision in a big, notable case involving the monster anti-worker retailer.


Unions challenge corporate one percent at Jobs with Justice conference

"We are sick and tired of billionaires running our political system; we are sick and tired of what has become of our democracy."


Federal employees’ union demands a real raise

"We may or may not get the 5.3, but we are putting on the record that we need it," said  AFGE President J. David Cox.


Arkansas poultry workers see wages plucked

Tyson Foods delivered the news to shareholders that its income soared by 49 percent; but the poultry workers who made all this money for the chicken titan face serious struggles.


Trump offers workers scapegoats, not wages

Like a preacher of prejudice, Trump validates cursing the nation's marginalized and accusing them of emptying workers' bank accounts.


AFL-CIO report on “Raise The Wage” campaign lauds grassroots success

Workers hit the streets for causes ranging from decent pay to undoing two-tier wage systems to health and safety.


NLRB rejects McDonalds’ request to treat joint employer cases separately

The NLRB's general counsel presents evidence in one big case about the joint responsibility of McDonald's and its local franchises to obey labor law.

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