Labor News


Exploited Uber drivers organize with ATU

Taking matters into their own hands, exploited Uber drivers in NYC decided to improve their jobs and working conditions.


NLRB ruling could strengthen the power of strikes

If the NLRB accepts a recommendation from its own general counsel, the right of workers to strike for better wages and conditions could be greatly strengthened.


Tale of two cities: “Yes” vs. “no” on fair work schedules

Not knowing when and for how long they will be at work makes it virtually impossible for workers to arrange for child care or have a good home life.


The Break Room: Who owns your time?

Having a work schedule you can depend on has joined raising the minimum wage as a winnable demand for America's millions of low-paid workers.


Miners march on Congress to demand legislation to save pensions

Several big coal companies have also used federal bankruptcy law to escape from funding retirees' pensions through the per-ton tax on coal.


Big Las Vegas Culinary Workers Local issues travel alert about Trump hotel there

Culinary Workers Local 226, stonewalled by management at Trump's Las Vegas hotel, has a new website with a travel alert, warning the travel industry about the struggle there.


The fight for 15: Hold on, Baltimore’s coming!

Maryland may not see $15 for quite some time. But Baltimore Fight for $15 activists aren't waiting.


Mine Workers to rally at U.S. Capitol for preserving pensions

Congress must live up to our nation's 70-year promise to retired miners and their widows.


Teachers and Uber drivers win in California courts

Uber drivers won't have to accept an onerous settlement, and Calif. teachers won't lose tenure.


Unions battle employers that use arbitration to curb worker rights

The direct attack on worker rights engineered by Gov. Scott Walker is only one front of the war on workers.

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