Labor News


Potato chip boss to workers: “Screw you and your f**king union”

Supporters of the striking workers are being asked not to buy Covered Bridge chips until the company returns to negotiations.


Attorney: high court ruling could hurt all workers, union and non-union

A potential negative ruling in a pending U.S. Supreme Court case involving public workers and their unions could hurt all workers nationwide.


NLRB casting jaundiced eye against forced arbitrations

If you signed an employment contract in the past 15 years, you likely also signed away your rights to sue your employer if you get fired for bad reasons.


Labor meltdown: Elves threaten historic strike week before Christmas

"This is a new day here in the North Pole; no longer will we settle for the technologies and working conditions of last century!"


Despite vicious opposition, Chattanooga workers are unionizing

In the face of corporation opposition, skilled workers at the Volkswagen plant voted for UAW to become their collective bargaining representative, a step toward unionization of the whole plant.



UBB mine disaster: Blankenship trial's end at hand

In a surprising move the defense team for accused coal criminal, Don Blankenship, rested its case Nov. 16 without presenting any witnesses.


Workers unite across the nation in the Fight for 15

"Before I started with Fight for 15, the management would scream and degrade us in front of people; now they actually treat us with respect."


Walmart workers to fast 15 days at Walton family homes

On Nov. 20 #Fastfor15 will mobilize outside of the Walton home in NYC, and on Nov. 24h, outside the Walton home in California.


PW in the streets: Do fast food workers deserve $15?

People's World took it to the streets, asking the question, "Do fast food workers deserve $15 an hour and the right to unionize?"


Fight for $15 comes to Palm Coast, Florida

In one of Florida's newer retiree communities, activists rallied in support of the national day of action for Fight for $15. 

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