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NLRB judge issues split decision in big Walmart case

An NLRB administrative law judge issued a split decision in a big, notable case involving the monster anti-worker retailer.


Unions challenge corporate one percent at Jobs with Justice conference

"We are sick and tired of billionaires running our political system; we are sick and tired of what has become of our democracy."


Federal employees’ union demands a real raise

"We may or may not get the 5.3, but we are putting on the record that we need it," said  AFGE President J. David Cox.


West Virginia Senate approves “right to work” bill

Brushing aside worker protests that brought several thousand people, the GOP-run West Virginia Senate approved a so-called "right to work" law. 


Rolando: Unions, postal customers agree on key USPS reform provisions

Postal unions and USPS customers agree on key provisions of a planned postal reform bill.


Outsourcing firms that replace workers being sued over Disney IT workers in Florida

Disney workers were told by management they were being fired, but that they had 90 days to train the visa-holders as their replacements.


Workers, lawyers, NLRB team up to expose Menard's union busting

David vs. Goliath comparisons arise whenever a person fights for rights against the controlling rich, and sometimes it's dead right.


Workers of San Quintin Valley: No longer willing to be invisible

Thousands of workers - who pick strawberries and tomatoes for the US market - went on a two-week strike in protest over their poverty wages.


Workers tell Los Angeles: Stop job discrimination!

LA Black workers and anti wage theft activists have joined forces to demand that the city take action on Black workers' economic plight.


Labor experts ask NLRB: give unions equal voice, time at “captive audience” meetings

The current captive audience meetings let employers summon workers into closed meetings to hear anti-union rhetoric and worse. 

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