Labor News


NLRB official orders rerun recognition vote at Target store

Saying Target illegally threatened to close its store if workers won a vote, a judge ordered a rerun election at the 268-worker store.


Steelworkers remember martyrs, fight for living

The Republic Steel mill in south Chicago is sacred ground for the American labor movement.


Coalition asks members to lobby for Paycheck Fairness Act

The drive kicked off when Senate Democrats announced that Senate leaders promised them a vote on the legislation.

Unions blast judge for halting new election rules

Unionists blasted a ruling by a federal judge throwing out the union election rules changes the National Labor Relations Board recently implemented.


Labor's top organizer sees long fight ahead

Labor groups, Latinos, African-Americans, women, and students must unite in a years-long campaign to restore and reclaim workers rights.


Home care workers win union rights

Home care workers hugge and cheered when the State Senate voted in favor of  granting home health care and child care workers collective bargaining.


Caterpillar workers strike against take back contract

Nearly 800 workers at a Caterpillar plant have been on strike since May 1 after the company refused to back off a far reaching concessionary contract proposal.

Twin Cities hospital strike vote scheduled

Members of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota will vote whether to authorize a strike at eight Twin Cities hospitals.

OSHA warns bosses on summer heat

There's a very simple way for employers to avoid having their workers keel over from heat exhaustion or die from heat stroke: "Water, rest, and shade."


Civil rights group: Stop speedup in poultry plants!

The National Council of La Raza, has joined the campaign against an Obama administration Agriculture Department proposal to speed up poultry plant processing lines.

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