Labor News


W. Va. GOP legislature passes, Dem. governor signs anti-worker bill

"Today marks the first time in West Virginia history that our state officially reduced safety standards for coal miners."


Illinois union coalition battles Rauner fair share fee ban in state courts

Rauner intends to hurt "the men and women who do the real work of state government."


Young Workers Summit feels the jolt of young labor activism

"America is begging for change on a grand scale; the kind of change that, quite frankly, has always been led by young people."


The GOP wants pay cuts for hard workers

Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation last week to lower the wages of Wisconsin's middle class workers.


Machinists file for union recognition at Boeing plant

This is the latest chapter in a long-running saga which previously embroiled Boeing, its workers in the Pacific Northwest, the U.S. Senate, and the NLRB.


Labor, with unlikely allies, tackles exploitation of high-tech workers

Labor is part of a campaign against the exploitation of foreign workers here on high-tech work visas.


“Next Up” young workers to map strategy in Chicago

Over 1,000 young union members, students, and community activists will meet to map out strategies.


The steal of the century: ending wage theft in our time

It may not be the hottest topic on every to-do list, but the problem is as old as, well, the oldest profession. I'm talking about wage theft.


Progressive think tank backs Obama crackdown on federal contractors

Facing hostility of big business and the GOP, a progressive think-tank went to bat to defend President Obama's cracking down on federal contractors who break labor laws.


Senate GOP votes to kill NLRB union elections rule, Obama promises veto

By a 53-46 party-line vote, the GOP-run Senate voted to kill the NLRB's planned union elections rule update.

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