Labor News


Fighting for 15 at the presidential debate

"It was important that hundreds of people representing $15 and a union came out and that there was a sense of hooking that issue into the Presidential campaign."


Connecticut workers battle Chartwells, the college food service company

Chants of "No Contract! No Peace!" spread throughout the campus last Saturday on a sunny fall afternoon.


Tale of two cities: “Yes” vs. “no” on fair work schedules

Not knowing when and for how long they will be at work makes it virtually impossible for workers to arrange for child care or have a good home life.


The Break Room: Who owns your time?

Having a work schedule you can depend on has joined raising the minimum wage as a winnable demand for America's millions of low-paid workers.


Washington, DC rejects worker-friendly scheduling bill; Seattle passes it

 The measures would make firms give workers at least two weeks' advance notice of their schedules, and make those schedules predictable.


Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra musicians are on strike

The musicians are courageously conducting a high profile labor action; the strike is also very winnable.


Workers’ groups show candidates that supporting higher wages wins votes

"Voters are fed up with lack of action in Washington on raising wages for working people; letting voters know where the candidates stand on these issues can have a significant impact."


New union leaders emerge at Social Justice Academy

Graduation was emotional for the dozen members of SEIU 32 BJ at the completion of the Social Justice Academy.


Sept. 9 Labor update

Trump trumped by NLRB, Minnesota nurses strike; Sorry, no thin mints at Schnuck's;  union 'lions and tigers and bears' and more.


Wendy’s grilled by farmworkers for not signing fair food pledge

For far too long farmworkers in the U.S. have faced abuse, along with racial discrimination and even wage theft.

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