OSHA warns bosses on summer heat

There's a very simple way for employers to avoid having their workers keel over from heat exhaustion or die from heat stroke: "Water, rest, and shade."


Civil rights group: Stop speedup in poultry plants!

The National Council of La Raza, has joined the campaign against an Obama administration Agriculture Department proposal to speed up poultry plant processing lines.


Missourians file 350,000 signatures for higher minimum wage

Labor, community and faith allies, along with low-wage workers have something to be excited about here in the Show-Me-State.


Top anti-union outfit smaller than believed

The Associated Builders and Contractors proclaims itself the national voice of non-union construction companies. However, it actually represents just a small share of U.S. contractors.

Lockheed forces strike in Texas

The highly profitable aerospace contractor forced 3,600 workers to strike over its demand to eliminate traditional defined-benefit pensions.

Philly refinery to stay open

Monroe Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, agreed to buy one of the three big petroleum product refineries, saving an estimated 5,000 jobs.


Workers raise the roof at Verizon shareholders’ meeting

Union members and their allies raised the roof at the corporation's annual shareholder meeting yesterday.


Workers seek high office in Wisconsin

He seeks an open U.S. House seat this fall in the Democratic-leaning district centered around the state capital.


May Day returns to Toledo with slam at Red Cross

May Day returned to this industrial city Tuesday as hundreds rallied in front of the municipal Government Center.


Unions launch global inquiry into attacks on workers’ rights

New evidence shows how workers' rights have been eroded by governments between 2008 and 2012 under the guise of the economic crisis.

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