White House says it's eliminating useless rules, but not deregulating

For the first time in history, the federal government has undertaken a "look back" to eliminate anachronistic, redundant or unwarranted regulations.


Obama administration seeks strong mercury regulation

The Bush administration's goal was to block EPA efforts to regulate mercury, a poison emitted by power plants.


New oil drilling is not a solution

There's a big fight happening in Washington over oil company subsidies.

Oil CEOs to Congress: Don't blame us!

As public anger over high fuel prices and record oil company profits erupted across the nation, the major oil giants told lawmakers here that it's all beyond their control.


Why is the Mississippi River flooding?

The right-wing National Review is rushing to instruct us that global warming has nothing to do with the record-breaking Mississippi River flood. Are they right?


Raise fuel efficiency to 60 miles per gallon, coalition says

The coalition of almost three dozen local and national environmental groups is calling for a fuel economy standard of 60 miles per gallon by 2025.

Michigan students exposed to high levels of pollution

A new study reveals that most of Michigan's public school students are exposed to high levels of pollution and GOP lawmakers there are ignoring  steps to correct the problem.


Pete Seeger on the power of songs, an interview

Now is Pete Seeger's 92nd birthday. Happy birthday Pete!