Vale Inco declares war on striking steelworkers

Last week mediated talks broke off between United Steelworkers Local 6500 and Vale Inco, the giant Brazilian owned transnational mining company, at two mines in Ontario, Canada.


“Worse than Katrina,” La. leaders warn oil spill worse than media says

NEW ORLEANS - Labor leaders here say the oil spill will be worse for workers in this region than Hurricane Katrina was almost five years ago and that the major media, both locally and nationally, are actually downplaying its significance.


Celebrating Mother’s Day on the picket line

PLEASANTON, Calif. - In the greeting card image of Mother's Day, Mother - surrounded by bouquets of flowers - is served breakfast in bed by her loving family before being treated to a sumptuous dinner at a posh restaurant.


Voices silenced in 1887 heard louder than ever this May Day

CHICAGO - "Like those guys," said former Starbucks worker Joe Tessane, pointing to the Haymarket monument behind him, "I'm not giving up."