McDonald's tells workers to sell their Christmas gifts for cash


McDonald's can't stop, won't stop dolling out bizarre "advice" for their employees, including a set of "tips" ranging from stress management techniques to how to get a quick buck. Low Pay Is Not Okay once again highlights the fast food giant's latest head scratcher, which appears on the employee website McResources Line.

Among the tips the chain offers to employees:

Go on at least two vacations a year. Apparently this cuts your heart attack risk by 50%! You know what else cuts your risk of heart attack? Being paid a living wage so you're not struggling to make ends meet.

Break your food into pieces. If you take smaller bites you'll probably eat less. Ahh yes, totally reasonable to take nutrition advice from someone who really knows.

Eat cheese. But only small bites of cheese. Bonus points if you buy it with your food stamps!

Sing out loud to lower blood pressure. I mean if Justin Timberlake does then by god you should too!

Sell your unopened Christmas presents and other possessions on eBay or Craigslist. Just rip that brand new toy straight from your sobbing child's hand. They'll totally understand.

Quit complaining. "We told you how to make a budget what more do you want?!"

The above article, written by Nell Casey, originally appeared in the Gothamist.

Photo: Courtesy of the Gothamist.

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  • Eat cheese?! Shades of Marie Antoinette and Ronald Reagan (surplus cheese).

    Posted by revolution123, 11/25/2013 1:50pm (2 years ago)

  • As I said in the link that I shared on FB, I believe that some of the advice IS bad advice, and the comments to them fair. But some of the advice is silly little stress relievers, and the comments were unfair to those.. But I should also point out this is NOT a defense of McDonalds or its employee practices. I just felt that some of the comments were unfair. Like "Singing Aloud" is a silly little stress reliever. And I felt was good advice. However the "Sell your unopened Christmas gifts" thing was stupid as hell..

    Posted by NightCrowRed (Ira), 11/23/2013 2:16pm (2 years ago)

  • And, if you remember to swallow enough air as you
    eat, you will eventually burp, which will make you
    feel more "full."

    But a higher minimum wage will be scooped up by
    the landlords and banks, unless there is a fight for
    a rent rollback in our major cities.

    Posted by Betty Smith, 11/22/2013 2:09pm (2 years ago)

  • Eat cheese?! Sounds like Marie Antoinette, or Ronald Reagan ("generous" with surplus cheese).

    Posted by revolution123, 11/22/2013 11:21am (2 years ago)

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