Profit takers reimagined as nation makers

The recent The Men Who Built America, was constructed upon the premise that a handful of wealthy, powerful men determined the course of the nation.


Spielberg’s “Lincoln” is for the ages

I doubted Spielberg's ability to pull off the dynamics and nuances of our 16th president and the times he lived in, yet, he did. "Lincoln" is his masterpiece


Skyfall: powerful entry in James Bond series

Bond endures, and as much as one can credit the simple virtues of a well-conceived fantasy figure, it's also due to producers who felt they owed the character a fresh approach.


Surrogate Socialism: The Sessions

The Biblical story of Eden is a tale of claiming the freedom to make our own decisions in life, of taking action that rebels against the established order.


Some assembly required for "Seven Psychopaths"

Even though it's technically British, it's got two American union bugs in the last frame: IATSE and Teamsters.


"All Together": Getting old in new France

The vaguely socialistic title references "The New Communards," consisting of a crack ensemble cast of two actresses well known to American audiences.