Train derailment causes chemical spill in South Jersey

A freight train derailment this morning sent two tanker cars off a bridge and into a creek in Paulsboro, New Jersey, polluting the water with hazardous materials.


Will anything really happen at Doha climate change summit?

Each conference hears reports about how much the world is depending on these gatherings to develop cooperative international approaches to mitigate and adjust to climate change.


Urgent action needed to combat European climate change

Extreme weather has resulted in more destruction from floods, droughts, and heat waves, and these trends will increase with greater occurrences expected in the future.


Rhino killings on the rise in South Africa

The Finfoot Game Reserve in Vaalkop Dam, South Africa became the sight of animal cruelty and bloodshed this month.


Activists fight expansion of toxic waste dump

Last month, the Calif. Department of Toxic Substances Control charged that Chemical Waste Management's 72 unreported spills show that the company cannot be trusted to protect human health.

You can't filibuster Mother Nature

The ultra-right, congressional Republicans, Republicans in state legislatures, and the Koch brothers and their cohort and paid flacks have a problem. It is called reality.

Climate change: A stark choice for humanity

Planet Earth is facing a double whammy - an environmental meltdown and an economic crisis.


BP to admit guilt for oil spill, pay over $4 billion

British oil company BP agreed on November 16 to pay $4.5 billion in penalties for the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, pleading guilty to 14 criminal charges.


Tokelau becomes world’s first solar-powered country

Goodbye diesel generators, hello sunshine and coconuts!


Extreme weather: the Maya and us

Scientists and realistic politicians are now saying that Sandy-like events will be increasing in frequency as the earth continues to heat.

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