Train derailment causes chemical spill in South Jersey

A freight train derailment this morning sent two tanker cars off a bridge and into a creek in Paulsboro, New Jersey, polluting the water with hazardous materials.


Will anything really happen at Doha climate change summit?

Each conference hears reports about how much the world is depending on these gatherings to develop cooperative international approaches to mitigate and adjust to climate change.


Tokelau becomes world’s first solar-powered country

Goodbye diesel generators, hello sunshine and coconuts!


U.S. to pursue aggressive crackdown on wildlife trafficking

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for a comprehensive, global strategy to combat illegal animal trafficking and poaching.


What Obama’s re-election means for the environment

After a re-election that immediately followed the havoc Hurricane Sandy wreaked on the East Coast, President Obama mentioned climate change in his acceptance speech last night.