HSAs Disaster for working families

In his State of the Union address President Bush announced the centerpiece of his efforts to reform health care would be tax breaks for people to pay for their own health care, including Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), in which people replace traditional insurance coverage with their own savings.

California takes up health care, election financing, drivers licenses

As its 2006 session gets into full swing, the California Legislature is considering measures dealing with health care, publicly funded elections, and driver’s licenses for all.


Six more weeks of winter?

Vice President Dick Cheney emerged from his secure, undisclosed location to make television appearances following the president’s State of the Union Address, but then immediately returned to his hiding place — indicating that America may be in for six more weeks of winter, according to experts.

Shift to service jobs

Dramatic effects for the U.S. working class are being wrought by the sustained shift to service from production occupations. The shift is powered by both globalization and technological revolution. One effect of this shift in the U.S. is a large social divide — including a very sharp political polarization — that is fueled by the erosion of “middle” income occupations, especially those related to production.

Mexico poised to move left in July election

Mexican voters will elect a new president July 2. The constitution gives presidents one six-year term and forbids re-election, so the current president, Vicente Fox Quezada of the right-wing National Action Party (PAN), must go.

For sake of the Union: Change Congress in November!

In response to President Bush’s State of the Union address the Communist Party USA issued the following statement:

New twist to old lies

A new documentary is garnering major press coverage for its suggestion that the Cuban government had a role in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dalla

End the death penalty

As a longtime New Jerseyan and death penalty opponent, I was happy that New Jersey’s Legislature had the courage to establish a death penalty moratorium.

Google versus Bush

When the Bush Justice Department subpoenaed data on the Google, Yahoo or MSN web searches you and I and other Americans do, it was presented as part of a Bush administration war on pornography.


Democracy and inequality

African American History Month can serve to remind all of us that democracy in our U.S. of A. is illusive. It can also serve as a period to seriously reflect — though the challenges of real struggle require a constant exploration of this matter — on a fundamental truth articulated by the former Communist Party USA chair, Gus Hall: racism is our nation’s most dangerous pollutant. Moreover, African American History Month is a moment to revel in the glory of the culture produced by the African American people’s struggle, and an opportunity to use its fervent yearning for freedom as an impetus to recommit to the fight for social change and advance.

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