Crooked Hillary? Trump, impunity, and the sexist double-standard

Trump the populist has no response to the Wells Fargo scandal. Wall Street crimes don't matter; only Clinton's emails. Can we still say this isn't about sexism?


Gary Johnson’s not your friend: Why voting Libertarian isn’t progressive

Fed up with Trump and Clinton? Racist border walls and deleted email scandals got you down? If you're thinking of voting Libertarian, think again.


Trump could be the price we pay for ignoring sexism

With a cookie cutter approach to so-called fair and equal treatment, the media are engaged in "he said, she said" coverage.


Defeat Trump, defeat racism

I'm no Democrat, but those who insist there's no difference between the two major parties must understand Trump's campaign is based on racism and bigotry.


U.S.- Cuba relations not normalized until blockade ends

Only Congress can end the stalemate that exists between these two close neighbors and advance the historic change in relations that began in December 2014.


What I learned from my labor union

An academic worker/grad student on precarious labor, the struggle to survive while working and studying, and the home she found in her local union.


Wells Fargo execs blame workers for accounts scandal

CEO refuses to resign for the two million fake accounts the company opened in its customers' names. 


Chicken can’t vote for Colonel Sanders: Black voters and the GOP

Are blacks voting against their own interests? Are they a "captured group" who would be better off if they weren't so pro-Democrat?


Give Guantanamo back to Cuba

For over 100 years, the U.S. has occupied 45 square miles of land and water in Guantanamo province in eastern Cuba. It's time to give it back.


Inside/outside strategy: Left should learn from far right

The left hasn't had a real inside/outside strategy since the '30s Popular Front or Jackson's '80s campaigns. New curriculum says it's time to try again.

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