Resignation fever a whole Lotta shakin goin on

Opinion “I just looked around, and they were gone, Henry, Bernard and Trent.” Oops, doesn’t have the same ring as the classic song about Dr. King and President Kennedy, does it?

The fight for water. A fight for human rights

Water. We see it everywhere. (see related story below)

Organizing an all-peoples coalition

The following is an excerpt from opening remarks to the National Committee of the Communist Party which met on Nov. 16, 2002 in New York City. Some of you may be wondering about the relationship between the concept of the all-people’s coalition against the Bush administration and the most reactionary groupings of transnational capital, and concepts like the leading role of the working class and labor, left-center unity and left unity, socialism and fascism.

From 2002 to 2003: The struggle continues

Editorial commentary George W. Bush must have expected clear sailing for his right-wing agenda of war abroad and giveaways to the rich when the Republicans regained majority control of the U.S. Senate and added to their majority in the House in the Nov. 5 elections.

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