Letters - October 18, 2008

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Landslide: necessary and possible

Yes, the neoconservatives are reading the writing on the wall. Polls show voters nationally and in battleground states rejecting the policies of the Bush administration and congressional Republicans, and growing awareness that the McCain-Palin ticket is a continuation of the same.

EDITORIAL: Marx was right

It was only yesterday that “free market” ideologues were dancing on Karl Marx’s grave with scornful shouts that “greed is good” and “TINA” — “there is no alternative” to capitalism. These fat men guffawed contemptuously at Marx’s warning that capitalism is built on wage exploitation, that workers never earn enough to buy back what they produce, creating “overproduction” and periodic crises — some deep and long — that can only be solved by socialism.


Nationalize banks, employ unemployed

Last week the major economies of the world, including the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, China, Russia and Brazil carried out an unprecedented and coordinated reduction of interest rates. The effort itself was not immediately successful.


Editorial: Talking about race

Two conversations about race are taking place in our country. One is reviving the ugly past. The other is looking to a brighter future.

Letters: October 11

Taking issue Bailout Racism Who’s in the Electoral College?


The Great Election Swindle

“The Great Rock and Roll Swindle,” a movie that is alleged to be the true story of the ’70s punk rock band the Sex Pistols, tells a tale of how Malcolm McLaren, the band’s founder and manager, controlled the rise and fall of this infamous band.


The crisis of family debt

There is broad consensus among labor unions and progressive organizations, economists and politicians that we need a bottom-up solution to the economic crisis. That is, the priority should be fixing Main Street, not Wall Street. The main proposals include:

Letters: OCTOBER 4

Bailout In perspective Rosenbergs betrayed Socialism, capitalism and public takeover Notes of appreciation


EDITORIAL: An insult to women

Sarah Palin’s selection as the Republicans’ vice-presidential candidate is an insult to women, and to the American people. It sent several disgusting messages.

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