Editorial: April 4 March on Wall Street

Last fall, Congress approved $770 billion to stave off financial collapse, to free up credit, to staunch the hemorrhage of layoffs and foreclosures. But the layoffs and foreclosures have gotten worse. The nation’s economy continues to plummet. What happened?

AIG: It's obscene

Gregory Robinson is dead. Shot in a car. He threw himself on a baby in the back seat while the gun fired from an unknown assailant. He was only 14. His family said he died a hero. He’s the 28th Chicago Public School student to be killed by gun fire this school year.

A cure for todays Black depression

We knew that 2009 would be a historic year, with the inauguration of the first African American president and the deepening of what is likely to be the most serious fiscal crisis since the Great Depression.

Editorial: The battle over health care

The White House health care reform summit March 5 set a new tone and scope for the struggle to fix our broken system.


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Letters to the Editor

Lessons from Massachusetts Poverty and the media Cuba’s 50th Recommended: ‘Waltz with Bashir’

Afghanistan: war is not the answer

The good news: President Obama believes military action alone won’t bring peace to Afghanistan. “We’re going to have to use diplomacy; we’re going to have to use development,” he said in a recent television interview. He added that his administration is undertaking a comprehensive review of U.S. policy there.

State of the union

President Barack Obama’s address to Congress, Feb. 24, was both sober and inspiring.

Nuclear wake-up call

Kate Hudson, chair of the London-based Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, issued a grave warning after the collision of a British and a French nuclear-armed submarine patrolling the mid-Atlantic a couple of weeks ago.

Newsweeks socialism

Newsweek’s Feb. 16 issue features the provocative cover story, “We are all socialists now.” What a change. After almost two decades of being told, “We are all capitalists,” people who are losing their jobs, their homes and their health care won’t buy it any more.

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