Chilean general speaks of dirty deeds

Like a terrible figure from a recurring nightmare, former Chilean Gen. Juan Manuel Contreras has once again thrust himself into the limelight of U.S.-South America relations.

On the road again: Challenges and opportunities in the 2008 elections

Not every struggle carries the same political significance. Some leave little trace on the political landscape; others rearrange it extensively.

Who is Ron Paul?

It is relatively easy to see why far-right presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas is driving some of the other Republicans crazy. He clearly won the straw poll after their first debate.


Killed by NYPD: The system, its problems and the fightback

NEW YORK — “No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace!” protesters chanted Dec. 6 as they rallied in Manhattan’s Foley Square. The event was planned months in advance to bring attention to the issue of police brutality in New York City. But following the shooting death of groom-to-be 23-year-old Sean Bell, the event took on new meaning and urgency.

Ellison win a rebuff to Bushs policies

MINNEAPOLIS — The success of the Keith Ellison congressional campaign here was noteworthy from several perspectives.

Where your money goes: Were getting poorer because were paying more for debt

So, let’s link two recent financial stories: household debt continues to climb, topping out at 24 percent of household; annual bonuses to the employees of five major investment banks will total $36 billion this year, or an average of over $200,000 a piece.