After the recent horror, there are still two Americas

Non-violent tactics were taught by Jesus, Gandhi, and Dr. King - not because they were scared of violence but because they were wise about change.


Museum of Racist Memorabilia prompts reflection on our cultural objects

A new museum in Michigan holds up a mirror to America's racist cultural past and present.


What does Black Lives Matter mean under capitalism?

Black Americans cannot afford, both figuratively and literally, to have America's problem of race inequality continuously pushed off.


Are Black men becoming endangered?

Our broken communities cannot continue to live in fear of the police; and their fear of us must also change.


Alton Sterling, Black father of five, killed for selling CDs

Alton Sterling, 37, joins the seemingly endless list of Black people slain by cops and mourned by their neighbors, families and friends.


Older America: From crisis to action

By 2030, the United States will have more older people living in poverty than the entire populations of Australia and New Zealand combined.


Cooperation and conflict: An uneasy, but necessary tension

The Democratic Party embodies different political currents, not simply a neoliberal one.


Reader’s correspondence: Reply to Libretti on inequality

Even under socialism, doctors and lawyers will receive higher salaries than custodians, postal workers, cashiers, and fast food workers.


What Hillary Clinton should learn from Brexit

The stunning British vote to leave the European Union - is a clear and dramatic rebuke of the country's political and economic elites. 


Pat Summitt, 64: Gender pioneer

Summitt, if you don't know, was the legendary and beloved women's basketball coach at the University of Tennessee.

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