Crooked Hillary? Trump, impunity, and the sexist double-standard

Trump the populist has no response to the Wells Fargo scandal. Wall Street crimes don't matter; only Clinton's emails. Can we still say this isn't about sexism?


Defeat Trump, defeat racism

I'm no Democrat, but those who insist there's no difference between the two major parties must understand Trump's campaign is based on racism and bigotry.


U.S.- Cuba relations not normalized until blockade ends

Only Congress can end the stalemate that exists between these two close neighbors and advance the historic change in relations that began in December 2014.


What I learned from my labor union

An academic worker/grad student on precarious labor, the struggle to survive while working and studying, and the home she found in her local union.


Give Guantanamo back to Cuba

For over 100 years, the U.S. has occupied 45 square miles of land and water in Guantanamo province in eastern Cuba. It's time to give it back.


Your mail carrier warns that door-to-door delivery is under attack

Every day for a walking letter carrier is a journey, and the best part of any journey is the people that we meet along the way.


Survival and generosity: Lessons from sunflowers

Gardening makes you generous, now we can even see that in the life of sunflowers.


A day of mourning: The Brazilian Senate buries democracy with a coup

Brazilian trade union leader slams the trial of President Dilma Rousseff as a parade of hypocrisy and cowardice.


Sam Webb doesn’t get Robert Reich

Is Webb trying to discourage people from supporting Clinton? We don't think so. We think he is shadow boxing a specter he calls "some" on the left.


Black voters have plenty to lose with Trump

Programs that were working have been gutted, discredited, defunded, and attacked by Trump's Republican pals. Now he wants black voters to trust him?

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