Weekly jobless claims and the ‘Jobs Summit’

President Obama announced that he will convene a "Jobs Summit" in December to explore the means for tackling this seemingly intractable problem of mounting unemployment even in the face of positive GDP (Gross Domestic Product) numbers from the third quarter of 2009.

A Texas psychologist looks at recent violence

The recent shootings at Fort Hood, Texas and Orlando, Florida suggest that people today may have a different response to economic collapse than what happened during the Great Depression.


Some folks are starting to panic

Democratic defeats in Virginia and New Jersey reveal the destruction that the extended downturn is wreaking on workers' employment, and income, and stability.


Tales of hard times on the coast

On California's north coast, the sea used to provide many a worker and family a decent living - but no longer.

Deficit lies

The Republican attacks on extending the economic stimulus, on universal health care, on climate change legislation and financial reform all make reference to the exploding deficit and to the burden an immense debt may place on succeeding generations.


Religion and the economy: A theologian challenges ‘status quo’

A Texas theologian challenges the idea that Jesus Christ's teachings must be contorted into support for big business and the "status quo."


The new normal

Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase are back to the "old normal." Profits are soaring - $3.2 billion and $3.6 billion respectively in the third quarter

PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS On the road to economic recovery

This week, July 4, 2009, on the road to economic recovery. The official unemployment rate now exceeds 9.5%--the worst in at least 25 years. The unofficial -- including discouraged, underemployed, and otherwise discarded workers -- rises above 15%. African-American and Latino men are taking the hardest hit. Urban unemployment among young men now nears 50%. Some call unemployment a 'lagging indicator' -- but unchecked, it will become the leading, and controlling, indicator.

We must incriminate the basic rules of capitalism: An interview with Paul Boccara

Communist economist Paul Boccara has just published a book about the transformations and the crisis of global capitalism, in which he deals with the financial crisis, among other topics. Paul Boccara puts forward proposals to initiate emancipation from this 'gone mad' system.

News Analysis: U.S. financial stability plan fails to thaw market

U.S. President Barack Obama's administration on Tuesday unveiled its long-expected reshaped financial rescue plan.

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