Trickle-down Bush math

Opinion When John Kerry referred to Bush’s propaganda team as the “worst bunch of liars and crooks,” he was referring to their campaign to hornswoggle the American people.

Prisoners and the right to vote

Opinion It might surprise you to learn that nearly 5 million of our citizens cannot vote. That is because they are prisoners or former prisoners.

White House science, or science fiction?

News Analysis In February, more than 60 influential scientists, including 20 Nobel laureates, issued a statement asserting that the Bush administration had willfully distorted scientific fact to fit its policy goals in areas such as biomedical research, the environment, health, and nuclear weaponry at home and abroad.

Whats behind the French headscarf ban

Opinion Since Sept. 11 the spotlight has been on religion as a potential cause of divisions and conflict.

Bushs marriage amendment an attack on democracy

Opinions Last week President Bush interrupted regularly programmed television to announce his plan to save us all from the new evil of the world: same-sex couples seeking the right to get married.

Texans face school crisis

Opinion If disastrous trends in Texas portend bad developments in the rest of the nation, as they have since George W. Bush became governor, then Americans should prepare to fight if we want to save public education.

A choice for Maine: war and Bush, or health care?

Opinion Independence – or crankiness – comes naturally for some of us in the Northeast. An active separatist movement is on the move in Vermont.

The Bush budget

Opinion The most important cause of escalating deficits has been destructive, parasitic military spending, not constructive spending.

State of the Union

Opinion I found the following while rummaging around in my brain.

The sheriff who issues pink underwear

Opinion He boasts the average prisoner meal costs the state but 20 cents; prisoners get only two of them a day.

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