1948: Pete Seeger and Henry Wallace

I heard Pete Seeger many times, but the most stirring was his 1948 appearance in Buffalo, N.Y., at a rally for Henry Wallace.


Pete’s rug ate my interview and other Seeger tales

In 1952 the Weavers sang at my high school. What an eye-opener it was for me!


Where have all the flowers gone?

I heard about Pete Seeger's death while driving to downtown Philadelphia. If I wasn't on the expressway, I would have pulled over to wipe my eyes and clear my head.


"American Idol" makes comeback in 2011

After an unimpressive season last year "American Idol" is making a comeback in 2011 and many of the performances so far have been nothing short of stellar.


American Idol disappoints, so far

There is truly something missing on American Idol this year.