Oslo lessons: right-wing terror and the Cuban 5


The unspeakable tragedy in Norway reminds the whole world of the need for renewed vigilance against right wing terrorism.

Oslo and Otoya Island in Norway, Havana in Cuba, and Oklahoma City in the U.S. are thousands of miles apart. Still, people in all three countries have been victims of mass slaughter by right-wing fanatics.

In each of these countries, young people were the special targets of the diabolical killers. The Norway murderer targeted youth at a summer camp. The Oklahoma City bomber's victims included 19 children at the Federal Building day care center. The bombers of a Cubana air flight killed all 78 on board, including the teenage members of the Cuba's Olympic Fencing team.

The Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh has been executed and Anders Breivik is awaiting trial in Norway. But the perpetrators of the Cubana Airline bombing are still at large in Miami. Meanwhile, in a gross travesty of justice, five Cuban men who risked their lives trying to expose and stop the right-wing terrorists are serving long sentences in U.S. maximum-security prisons.

Today, on July 26, as peace-loving Americans send greetings to the Cuban people in honor of Cuba's national holiday, let us also direct an urgent message to Washington DC. In the name of anti-terrorism we demand freedom for the Cuban 5!

Photo: At the Colon cemetery in Havana, Cuba during a ceremony in memory of the Cubana Airlines victims. The 1976 bombing killed 73 people. (Javier Galeano/AP)


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  • sorry to say, but you are so misinformed left wing people. not to believe that children were the targets of these crazies, everyone was a target during rampage. you need to stop putting all conservatives into one category of right wing crazies. it seems the leftists are the ones who are all in one looney category, totally over the edge nuts!

    Posted by Javiar, 07/30/2011 9:53am (5 years ago)

  • Go to www.religionofpeace.com --there have been over 17,000 islamic terrorists attacks since 9-11. Are you kidding me? You list 3? Also go to yahoo and type in "rapes in Norway" and see what you find. No freedom of speech, press, religion or the right to bear arms to protect yourself under communism, marxism or islamism. Totalitarian gov'ts always end badly. You are either killed outright when you disagree with it or you are starved to death when they destroy all food production. Castro still has political prisoners locked up.

    Posted by Martin, 07/28/2011 10:35pm (5 years ago)

  • As an American Born citizen of a Cuban father, I am appaled by the Glenn Becks of the world, it is so easy to stir the "base" of republicans to blame our ec onomic woes on "immigrants" many of who where born in the U.S.A., these people are as American as "apple pie", yet conservatives want to call these people (who only came to America to work jobs, Americans did NOT want to do as "illegals" we must recognize & even "thank" these immigrants for keeping our economy going, they deserve citizenship & their children(who are American citizens) help in their puruit of the American Dream.

    Posted by Jason Duffy, 07/28/2011 3:11pm (5 years ago)

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