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Cubas revolutionary doctors

Cuba this year graduated 1,905 new doctors. They pledged, in part, the following: “True medicine is not that which cures, but that which prevents, whether in an isolated community on our island or in any sister country of the world, where we will always be the standard bearers of solidarity and internationalism.”


Wish me a Merry Christmas or Ill kill you

Christian friends and relatives complain about how Christmas is commercialized. Every year, one of the most sacred events in Christianity is used as a mechanism to sell everything from jewelry to SUVs. To the dismay of sincere believers, the ascetic, self-sacrificing religious message is washed away by a tsunami of tacky hucksterism. As Tom Lehrer put it: “Angels we have heard on high, Telling us to go out and BUY!”


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Communists confront global capitalism

ATHENS, Greece — Representatives of 73 communist and workers’ parties from 61 countries met here last month to review the current status of global capitalism and the role of communist parties.


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Pro-Chavez candidates sweep Venezuela vote

Venezuelans voted Dec. 4 to elect a new National Assembly. The week before, four parties opposed to President Hugo Chavez had withdrawn from the race, calling for a boycott.


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