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Colombian political prisoner holds Bush prosecutors at bay

An extraordinary trial, remarkable among other things for a novel legal doctrine unveiled by the Bush administration during the course of it, ended as a mistrial Nov. 21 in Washington. The jury could not reach a verdict in the case of Colombian political prisoner Ricardo Palmera, also known as Simon Trinidad.


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EDITORIAL: Middle East questions

More than 200 killed in a Baghdad neighborhood. Is Iraq in a civil war? Another Lebanese politician is assassinated. Will Lebanon restart its civil war?

Leftist Correa claims victory in Ecuador

At press time, with official tallies showing he had won 57 percent of the vote, Rafael Correa of the left-leaning Alianza País party claimed victory over right-wing millionaire Alvaro Noboa in the Nov. 26 run-off election for the presidency of Ecuador.


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Labor struggles erupt at Sacramento City Council

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Two important labor struggles have recently come before the City Council here.


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Red states say America needs a raise

Voters in six states that helped send Bush back to the White House for a second term in 2004 sent a different message this year, approving ballot measures that increase the minimum wage in their states.

Lizard lickin good!

One week ago I changed my status from a lifelong Chicago suburbanite to the newest resident of the small town of Zebulon, N.C.

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