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Peoples assembly names Lopez Obrador president

Delegates to an extraordinary National Democratic Convention in Mexico City last weekend chose Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as Mexico’s new president. They also decided to continue the campaign of peaceful civil resistance to prevent the officially declared winner of the July 2 election, Felipe Calderon of the National Action Party, from assuming office.


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Labor victory in California casino vote

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gambling interests could not muster enough State Assembly votes to ram through confirmation of a new Native American gambling casino agreement at the end of the 2006 California legislative session. The legislation would have set back casino workers’ rights while radically increasing the number of slot machines in the state.


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Cartoon: Hey David!


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CIA spins spiders web vs. Cuba, Venezuela

U.S. intelligence head John Negroponte announced Aug. 18 the creation of a new Central Intelligence Agency mission to oversee intelligence operations in Venezuela and Cuba at the strategic level.



This week’s clips are a brief roundup of a few of the hundreds of Labor Day parades, marches and picnics around the country. DALLAS: Labor breakfast, immigrant rights march PITTSBURGH: Workers demand change in Washington DETROIT: Flight attendants lead 50,000 marchers LORAIN, Ohio: ‘The air was electric’ LOS ANGELES: ‘We’re building power’

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