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A U.S. socialized medicine success story

Charles Gibson, anchor of ABC’s nightly news program, asked his Dec. 12 viewing audience the following provocative question: What national health care program in our country uses “socialized medicine,” and why do people like it?

S. Africas Communists comment on Zuma victory

POLOKWANE, South Africa — The South African Communist Party congratulates the newly elected national officials of the African National Congress, led by President Jacob Zuma.

LETTERS: Dec. 22

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Goodbye 2007 Hello 2008

Like a roller coaster ride, 2007 has had high climbs, stomach-churning drops, painful hairpin turns and finally — at the end of it all — satisfaction and relief as we say, “Let’s do it again.”

LETTERS: Dec. 15

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Blue Diamond Growers guilty, panel says

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As over 200 union and community supporters gathered at a Nov. 18 town hall forum on the labor situation at Blue Diamond Growers, a panel of elected officials and community representatives found the growers guilty of worker intimidation and refusing a fair and timely election.


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U.S.-Mexico anti-drug plan sparks uproar

A hullabaloo has arisen over a secretly negotiated anti-drug proposal that would include new U.S. funds for Mexican and Central American security forces.

Labor leaves no stone unturned

Organized labor is flexing its muscles, showing that it is tired of taking it on the chin. If the unions have their way, between now and Election Day 2008, even the ultra-right lock on the White House and Congress could be broken.

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