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A unique and progressive U.S. travelogue

In 2001, Michael Yates decided to retire early from teaching economics at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, Pa. With his wife Karen, he carefully planned a travel route through the United States, living as cheaply as possible. They packed a Dodge van with necessities, and prepared to survive as itinerant laborers.


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Critics call Cuban blockade genocide

Cuba plans soon to introduce its annual resolution before the UN General Assembly against the U.S. blockade of Cuba. Nations siding with Cuba have gone from 59 in 1992 to 183 last year. At a press conference Sept. 18, Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque released a report summarizing the blockade’s recent impact on the island.


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Judge OKs minor fine on terror-sponsor Chiquita

Colombia’s right-wing paramilitaries are terrorists. Washington named them as such in September 2001. But the AUC, as they are known from their Spanish initials, rule the roost in Urabá in northern Colombia. So what should a U.S. corporation have done when much of its annual $4.5 billion income depended upon free rein there?

Aurora clinic fight continues

AURORA, Ill. — The opening of a Planned Parenthood clinic here was again delayed Sept. 20 after a federal judge denied the organization’s motion that the city of Aurora allow the clinic to open as scheduled.

LETTERS: Sept. 22

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No Child Left Behind proposals spark debate

After a year of public hearings on the No Child Left Behind Act, many education advocates are disappointed because revisions proposed by the House Education and Labor Committee leave the basic complex structure of NCLB unchanged.


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