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Communists confront global capitalism

ATHENS, Greece — Representatives of 73 communist and workers’ parties from 61 countries met here last month to review the current status of global capitalism and the role of communist parties.


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Pro-Chavez candidates sweep Venezuela vote

Venezuelans voted Dec. 4 to elect a new National Assembly. The week before, four parties opposed to President Hugo Chavez had withdrawn from the race, calling for a boycott.


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Editorial: Oil execs squirm

Oil company executives testifying before a Senate committee Nov. 9 arrogantly rejected any suggestion that the federal government should act to limit their profits and provide relief for consumers. The hearing was carefully orchestrated by the Senate leadership to shield the industry, and the Republican Party itself, from rising public anger in the face of soaring gas and home heating prices, accompanied by unprecedented profits for the oil corporations.

Bush nominee slaps Parks legacy

We stand on the shoulders of giants, and one of those, the diminutive Rosa Parks, was honored by the American people this week, as her body lay in the Capitol Rotunda and thousands walked to pay their respects. Even as we honor Rosa Parks for her courage and her historic commitment, we must not romanticize her mission.

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