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Oil company profits soar

Exxon Mobil Corp. broke records as its third-quarter profits soared to almost $10 billion and it became the first public company ever with quarterly sales topping $100 billion. Royal Dutch Shell wasn’t far behind, posting profits of $9 billion for the quarter.

Bienvenido Pepe Lozano!

We are glad to welcome our new staff writer, Jose “Pepe” Lozano.


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San Diego labor stresses unity

On Nov. 8 organized labor and its allies in San Diego will face their first significant political challenge since the landmark AFL-CIO convention last summer. What’s at stake is the future of a labor-community coalition that has navigated one of America’s largest municipalities out of the “conservative” doldrums, and a strategy for defeating the ultra-right in the coming year.

Blockade puts cruel limits on Cuba travel

Sen. Brian Dorgan (R-N.D.) had high hopes for the passage of his amendment to an appropriations bill that would have cut funding for the Treasury Department’s enforcement of the Cuba travel ban. Supporters of the democratic right of U.S. citizens to travel to the island were also optimistic about the amendment’s chances.

Cultural notes

North Country’ inspired by women miners; New Orleans public libraries closed indefinitely


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Labor Update

NLRB paves over worker rights; Wal-Mart: Sells hammers and buys them too; AFSCME, SEIU in joint campaign; Community support for copper miners; AFL-CIO approves return of Transportation Union; Card check wins; Sprint workers strike

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