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Social Security snow job

OPINION Winter is here, and in keeping with the season the Republican White House is planning a carefully crafted campaign of obfuscation (i.e., a snow job!) in an effort to convince present and future retirees and the public in general that a “crisis” is looming with Social Security and changes need to be made.

Federal campaign laws undermine democracy

OPINION Over the past four years we have seen a broad progressive movement emerge on a grand scale. Although it did not stop Bush on Nov. 2, this relatively new movement was able to deliver at least a 49 percent vote against the ultra-right. Key components, including the AFL-CIO, NOW, the NAACP, and others, have already begun strategizing as to how to move forward.



DENVER, Colo.: Over 30,000 call for peace, justice, equality / GREENVILLE, S.C.: Struggle for King holiday continues / COLUMBUS, Ga.: 8,000 march to end police murders / COLUMBIA, S.C.: Fund public schools, no to privatization


40 years after Selma's Bloody Sunday

The struggle for voting rights continues Reps. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio), John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) defended the legacy of martyrs who died for voting rights when they blocked, for a few hours, Jan. 6, the certification of Ohio’s Electoral College votes to force a debate on the widespread vote suppression and irregularities on Nov. 2.


JONESBORO, Ga.: New sheriff cleans house / GREENSBORO, N.C.: Bush ally calls for troop withdrawal / PITTSBURGH: Tugboat workers killed / GRANITEVILLE, S.C.: Toxic train wreck kills 9

Mara Levi: smart rock n roll

Music Review “Just when you thought smart folk-pop was dead, here comes Mara Levi with her folkster sounds and powerful messages.” — Discovering Artists, Sept. 17


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