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EDITORIAL: Modern day poll tax

Last month, before congressional Republicans headed home to try to hold onto their seats, the GOP leadership pushed through the House the hypocritically labeled “Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006,” HR 4844.


Left-wing candidate leading in Ecuadors polls

An Oct. 7 poll by the Cedatos/Gallup group shows Rafael Correa, a left-wing economist who opposes Washington’s “free trade” policies, is leading in the country’s presidential race with 37 percent of the electorate’s support.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala.: Coach fights for equality for girls team SIOUX FALLS, S.D.: Fight to restore abortion rights tightens


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Global unions: Release Colombian lawyer

Public Services International, a trade union federation of 640 public sector unions in 155 countries, including the U.S., demanded the release of Dr. Alberto Carvajal Salcedo, 70, a Colombian labor and human rights lawyer imprisoned recently.


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America Tropical 1932 Siqueiros mural lives again

On Aug. 2, after reading about “America Tropical,” the famous mural painted in Los Angeles by Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros, there I was, for the first time — inches from the huge masterwork.


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