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Wal-Mart: always low-down lies?

According to a recent survey commissioned by Wal-Mart, New Yorkers overwhelmingly support the opening of Wal-Mart stores throughout the city’s five boroughs.

Communists make key points on racism

Racism, the Communist Party’s draft program tells us, has some new features and new modes of operation (though more study is needed), but it doesn’t lose sight of four critical insights that we have embraced and popularized over decades.


Potential allies; U.S. war crimes; Schools, not war; Vets deserve better; About the filibuster; Fascist danger

EDITORIAL: May Day lives!

For decades, May Day, the international workers’ day, has been a celebration of the struggles and achievements of the working class. It is, in most of the world, the official “Labor Day.”

Contra figures resurface to target Venezuela

His “crimes” include acting as a democratically elected president of a sovereign Venezuela; rejecting the principles embodied in the Monroe Doctrine (i.e., “Latin America is the U.S.A.’s backyard”); challenging neoliberal doctrines that serve the interest of global corporations rather than social development; seeking to solidify the economic and political integration of South America based on the principles of equal exchange and mutually beneficial cooperation; and using Venezuela’s oil income to benefit the majority of Venezuelans rather than an elite few.