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LETTERS: Dec. 15

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Blue Diamond Growers guilty, panel says

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As over 200 union and community supporters gathered at a Nov. 18 town hall forum on the labor situation at Blue Diamond Growers, a panel of elected officials and community representatives found the growers guilty of worker intimidation and refusing a fair and timely election.


COLUMBIA, S.C.: Obama, Winfrey draw thousands into politics PITTSBURGH: Abandon torture, say 49 retired military officers

U.S.-Mexico anti-drug plan sparks uproar

A hullabaloo has arisen over a secretly negotiated anti-drug proposal that would include new U.S. funds for Mexican and Central American security forces.

Labor leaves no stone unturned

Organized labor is flexing its muscles, showing that it is tired of taking it on the chin. If the unions have their way, between now and Election Day 2008, even the ultra-right lock on the White House and Congress could be broken.


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EDITORIAL: Mortgages & mayors

The U.S. Conference of Mayors released a dramatic new report this week, predicting the mortgage foreclosure crisis will cause big economic losses in cities around the country.

War at Christmas time

A poem


Pinochet Saddam Hussein Landless in Montana Indigenous peoples


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