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A jewel

Opinion Sometimes it gets rained on. At other times, the cold winds of winter whip it. That just makes it more resilient. Sometimes it’s out for hours in snow. There are other days when the sun heats it to its very core. On all of those days it seems to glow from deep within, light coming from some well of calm, exciting brilliance.



Support the troops: stop the war! / The immorality of war!

Code Pink women say no to war

WASHINGTON – Warning that George W. Bush’s war could kill, maim, or starve millions of Iraqi women and children and squander funds needed here at home, 10,000 women, many with their families, marched on the White House, March 8, chanting “Money for the homeless, not for war.”

UNITE to organize Cintas industrial laundry

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Victor Hidalgo is a man on a mission. Even though the outspoken father of four was fired from his job as an unloader at a Cintas industrial laundry facility in Connecticut, he still goes to his plant nearly every day, to bring fliers to his co-workers and to keep the organizing drive going.