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Pratt and Whitney strikers stand firm

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. – With a strike of more than 5,000 Pratt and Whitney workers holding firm, and machines lying idle at aircraft engine plants in East Hartford, Middletown, Cheshire and North Haven, Conn., company officials have resumed bargaining with International Association of Machinists (IAM) District 91. At press time, workers at the four plants were scheduled to vote on a new proposal.

LTV steelworkers take the fight to DC

PITTSBURGH – Fresh from a Dec. 7 victory in bankruptcy court giving them a temporary stay in the battle to prevent LTV Steel Corporation from liquidating facilities in Ohio and Indiana, rank-and-file members of the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) are packing their winter camping gear and heading for Washington, DC.

ACLU and AFL-CIO blast Ashcroft

In a blatant attempt to stifle growing criticism of the efforts of the Bush administration to amend the Constitution and write new laws by executive fiat, Attorney General John Ashcroft equated political dissent with treason during a belated appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee Dec. 6.

Colombia: Next target of war on terrorism?

Arriving in Colombia a day before the start of the 18th Congress of the Colombian Communist Party (CPC) gave me an opportunity to visit the famous Gold Museum in Bogota.

Rally at Capitol: Jobs & income now

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of steelworkers, hotel and restaurant employees and others who have lost their jobs in the deepening recession gathered on the U.S. Capitol grounds Dec. 12.

Spend - it's your patriotic duty

I’m no economist, but it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to see that there is a lot of nonsense being peddled to assure the people of the U.S. that the recession we’ve been in since April or May will go away quickly.

Coping with holiday depression

The holiday season is a time of joy, happiness and celebration for most of us. Yet many people find depression a more common feeling than joy during this season.

Local police will be used for new repression

The police in Portland, Ore. and other Oregon cities, as well as several in northern California, stated they will not cooperate with a federal request to round up hundreds of Middle Eastern immigrants to grill them about their political views and associations, as Oregon law forbids detaining people not suspected of a crime.

Drug czar assures repeat of past failures

While the national drug movement and voter reform efforts move toward humane, effective strategies, John Walters, President Bush’s choice for drug czar is a giant step backwards.

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