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Unhappy officials: U.S. spy memo leaked; diplomat resigns

Cracks appear to be growing within governmental structures over the Bush administration’s ruthless, go-it-alone strategy towards Iraq. Tired of the bullying, bruising and bribing of other countries, especially long-time allies, a U.S. diplomat resigned his post as political counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Athens.

Women send pink slips to White House in anti-war action

WASHINGTON – Beginning with readings of the classic Greek anti-war comedy, Lysistrata, in 900 cities and ending with a “Code Pink” protest at the White House on International Women’s Day, March 8, thousands of women mobilized this week against George W. Bush’s war on Iraq.

White House demand undermines UN

Commentary For the past seven months, the United Nations Security Council has been proceeding on the assumption that its sole objective was to disarm the Iraqi regime of weapons of mass destruction, not to overthrow it.

Los Angeles opposes war against Iraq

LOS ANGELES – This became the largest city in the nation to officially take a stand in opposition to President Bush’s war against Iraq when the City Council adopted an anti-war resolution Feb. 21. Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn signed the resolution later that day.

AFL-CIO: Let the UN process work

In a sharp break with tradition, the 13- million-member AFL-CIO added its voice to the growing demand that the Bush administration work through the United Nations in resolving the Iraq crisis.

In DC: Euro leaders nix warIn DC: Euro leaders nix war

WASHINGTON – A delegation from the European Parliament (EP) here to confer with peace leaders against war on Iraq hailed the vote by Turkey’s Parliament March 1 to reject Bush’s war in which as many as 3,000 misiles will rain on Baghdad within 48 hours.

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One Shot Harris: The Photographs of Charles Teenie

Pittsburgh, Pa., has produced an astonishing number of Black music legends – Louis Armstrong, Lena Horne, Billy Eckstine, Eubie Blake, Earl Hines, and Errol Garner, to name just a few.

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