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Harold Washington: Champion of equality

Harold Washington, Chicago’s first African-American mayor, was elected in February 1983 after a bitter fight in which he challenged Chicago to embrace reform and do away with the discriminatory and anti-democratic policies of the entrenched Democratic machine.

Critican mensaje Bush

George W. Bush estaba tratando de ganar apoyo para su agenda de recortes de impuestos para los ricos y guerra contra Irak en su discurso sobre el Estado de la Unión a una sesión de ambas cámaras del Congreso el 28 de enero. Pero alcaldes, gobernadores, miembros del Congreso y líderes de organizaciones de masas duramente criticaron y rechazaron su política.

Erdine Antonsen, 99, dies

Erdine Cathers Antonsen of New Paltz, died on Jan. 9. She was 99

Alfred Samter, 1922-2003

Alfred “Al” Samter, long-time activist in the Steelworkers Union, died January 12. He would have been 81 on Jan. 27.

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Reviews: New CDs highlight lush Latin grooves

Reviews: Rumba Flamenco Most North American music fans know of rumba flamenco through the Gypsy Kings. A fusion of Andalucian flamenco, AfroCuban and salsa rhythms, rumba flamenco is lighter and poppier, as opposed to traditional flamenco with its dramatic and heavy interpretation of the human experience.

Rolling the dice on our nations health

Opinion Imagine if the first people infected in a smallpox attack had no health insurance and delayed seeking care for their flu-like symptoms.

The race to the bottom in Texas quickens

Opinion Since the business lobby took complete control of Texas government, the race to the bottom has quickened here, and at a recent press conference, the Texas Conservative Coalition gave us a look at what the bottom looks like – lower wages for workers, slashed benefits for state employees, and deep cuts in programs that aid low-income working families.

NYC transit workers: Unity, public support are winning combo

Opinion New York City transport workers, members of Transport Workers Union Local 100 were tested in a struggle of historic significance, their recent contract struggle.

Going on record for peace

Opinion The following is testimony submitted to the Chicago City Council, Human Relations Committee, January 15, 2003 by John Bachtell, Illinois district organizer, Communist Party, USA. On Jan. 16 Chicago became the largest city to go on record opposing the Bush administration’s unilateral, first-strike policy towards Iraq.

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