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The entitlement that goes with expensive seats

Opinion Where we sit no one yells at the players. Up here they don’t throw beer, ice or folding chairs on professional athletes. We sit in the very last row at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia where you’d have to have a voice like Whitney Houston or an arm like Donovan McNabb to have anything reach the court.

Religion, faith and communism

Opinion “The divisions of Christianity are no longer Protestant verses Catholic but conservative verses liberal.” –

Health activists urge Health care for all

WASHINGTON — During its annual conference here Nov. 12-14, the Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN) issued a clarion call to defend Medicaid and Medicare against the privatization threats of George W. Bush and step up the battle to provide health care for 45 million uninsured.

Bush policies threaten miners health

Four years ago, President Bush appointed Dave D. Lauriski to be assistant secretary of labor in charge of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). This is the federal agency that is supposed to enforce federal regulations to protect miners.

Flight attendants OK strike action

PITTSBURGH (PAI) — By unanimous vote, the Association of Flight Attendants/CWA executive board decided Nov. 17 to authorize a strike at any bankrupt airline, if those carriers use the bankruptcy code to terminate union contracts.

Bushs four horsemen of economic policy

George W. Bush is an old-fashioned kind of ruler. He imagines himself divinely chosen to serve his tribe of economic royalists. “By the rich, for the rich” is his governing philosophy.

Erie County residents reject budget plans

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Residents here are shocked and angry with Erie County Executive Joel Giambra’s proposed 2005 “red” and “green” budgets.

Youth wins victory over racist police violence

WORCESTER, Mass. — A major victory over police brutality was scored here Nov. 9 when a jury found Estevan Nembhard, an African American youth organizer from New York City who had been severely beaten by Worcester police officers, not guilty on charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

International notes

China: Mine disaster claims 166 lives / Venezuela: Coup prosecutor assassinated / Africa: Women hit hardest by AIDS / Philippines: Protest attack on strikers

Charges dropped against Methodist 3

Cuba News MILWAUKEE — All charges against the “Methodist 3” travelers to Cuba have been dropped. The three, Theron “Terry” Mills, Dollara Greene-Evans and William Ferguson Jr., each faced $7,500 fines stemming from their participation in a religious mission to Cuba in January 1999.

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